Thursday, April 4, 2013

Status Report

So far I have collected a bunch of knowledge. Coupons are dancing in my dreams already. When people on the show Extreme Couponing say they think about coupons all day, I believe them! Already I'm constantly thinking of ways to make this work for me. It's weird.

My first, second, and third step in this process was research. I've scoured the web for all sorts of information, and I'm still finding new stuff. What I've found is the first thing to implement is gathering. I have ONE coupon insert! I need more...but given my current circumstances, I cannot afford to go and buy 10 newspapers just because. So I'm going to rely on the generosity of others, and hope that my friends and family can provide me with any extra coupons or inserts they have lying around.

Next would be to figure out some sort of organizational method. I really am feeling the clipLESS method. Except I would potentially alter it a bit. I'm not sure if I would carry all my coupons into the store with me. I don't think I intend to take this couponing to the "extreme", only far enough to save me money right now when I need it most. But I will let you know what works for me when I get that far.

Maybe it all goes well, I will get myself a mini-stockpile. I don't know if my living situation would allow for much more, or my boyfriend for that matter. He loves this idea of me saving money, because he only works part-time, while going to school, but I don't know if he will like it if it takes over our house!

Well, thats all for now. I will keep scouring the web for more useful stuff to post. And I will keep stuff coming, until I have another update.

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