Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beginning a New Era

If your here, then you've probably seen the show Extreme Couponing, OR your just awesome enough to come across this phenomena by your own means. I recently found the show on Netflix out of complete boredom, and kept watching with sheer fascination. I can't believe how much money there is to save just by clipping coupons, and having a little bit of patience and organization skills. I absolutely had to try it for myself. We are all on hard times right now, and who wouldn't want to cut their food bill 50-100% off? Anyways this Blog will be my chronicles of starting out, and I will try to share everything that I come across, so that new, and experienced couponers may benefit from my experiences.


  1. You go girl. Want me to send you coupons? Mom ;)

  2. Actually, yes! You have no idea. My biggest hurdle is first gathering coupons, w/o spending money on subscriptions and whatnot. Eventually I'll have gathered a few, but it looks like it will be a slow start. So really, anything helps.